Become certified to use the well-respected FATnosis Mindset & Motivation Weight Loss Solution that is renowned for results.

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Use a comprehensive Weight Management System that has been aligned to scientific evidence.

Become part of a fast growing supportive FATnosis community that is known for its advanced Hypnotherapeutic and Motivational interventions.

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Use the full FATnosis Weight Management system that drives clients Motivation and programs their Mindset using powerful hypnotic phenomena.

Use a comprehensive set of tools including Mindset Programming, Motivational Interventions and 80-20 Meal Planning.

FATnosis Results Are leading The Way
Your FATnosis Licence Certification Programme

This programme is for Hypnotherapists looking to become certified to use the FATnosis Weight Loss and Weight Management protocol.

Developed by straight talking Hypnotherapist, Author and regular Media Contributor Steve Miller, FATnosis delivers a combination of motivational forces to help clients lose and manage their weight. This includes motivating clients away from a life of unhealthy fat, and motivating them towards a healthier life of slim.

FATnosis interventions are highly creative and delegates will be trained to use 3 key interventions with their clients namely:-

An 80-20 Meal Planning System that also includes Creative Portion Control Techniques.

Motivational Interventions to help ensure clients are consistently focused and retain natural will power.

Mind Programming protocols that help to program the client to immediately regain control over food, enhance their mindset motivation and fuel their self-esteem and confidence.

The 2 Day Certification Programme

Day 1

FATnosis – The Background

  • Why FATnosis works
  • The FATnosis style and philosophy
  • FATnosis client pre requisites

FATnosis Contra Indications

  • Template client joining instructions
  • Understanding the contra indications in detail
  • GP referral template

A Detailed Overview Of The FATnosis 1-1 Client Programme

FATnosis Motivational Coaching Skills

  • The FATnosis motivational interventions
  • Tailoring motivational interventions to your clients
  • Tailoring Motivational Interventions In Practice

FATnosis Script Delivery

End Of Day 1

Day 2

During day 2 delegates will have the opportunity to learn in deeper detail the FATnosis protocol sessions 1 to 6. This will include time to perfect script delivery, understand how to tailor sessions to the client and implement motivational coaching.

FATnosis Sessions 1 – 6 In Deeper Detail

  • FATnosis Scripts and Strategies

Practical Demonstrations & Practice

  • Delivering Sessions 1 – 6 the FATnosis way
  • Paired Practice Sessions
  • Steve Miller FATnosis Demonstrations

Group Discussion

Post Programme Coaching Support For delegates



Dates Of The FATnosis Licenced Certification

Date: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November 2019

Timings: 10.00 – 5.00pm Each Day

Venue: Birmingham Central, Exact Venue TBC


Usual Certification Fee: £3,750.00

Early Bird Opportunity: £995.00

Dee - Cheekbones

Or 3 Payments Over 3 months Of £333 Per Month

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Terms & Conditions – Workshop

1. The workshop will start prompt at 10.00am.
2. All places booked are non refundable.
3. Filming or recording of this workshop is not permitted.
4. Venue in West Midlands is subject to change.
5. We have permission to refuse attendance.
6. Handouts will be given to all participants.
7. In the event of Steve Miller having to cancel the FATnosis Certification Programme dates due to inclement weather or Steve Miller being unable to attend due to illness, an alternative weekend will be advised.
8. Once a booking has been made you will receive further details. No refunds are permitted once a booking via deposit, instalment, further instalments or full payment is made.

FATnosis Licence Practitioner Certification

Terms & Conditions – Practicing Hypnotherapists


  1. The ‘Practitioner’ is the FATnosis Licence Holder.
  2. ‘Owner’ is Steven John Miller also known as Steve Miller.
  3. ‘Practice’ refers to the FATnosis Practitioners business entity.
  4. ‘Licence Holder’ is the ‘Practitioner’ and vice versa.
  5. ‘Licence’ is the ‘Certification’ and vice versa.

These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted according to English law. All disputes arising under these terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Licence holders agree to provide the following documents before practicing under the FATnosis brand and agree to the following.

  1. Proof of professional indemnity and public liability insurance of £1million or the international equivalent and kept up to date.
  2. Diploma or equivalent in Clinical Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy.


  1. Licence holders will only use the FATnosis weight management model with clients aged 18 and above.
  2. Licence holders agree to act honestly and truthfully when using the ‘FATnosis Weight Loss’ model and recognise that if found to be in contravention of such conduct the licence will be withdrawn.
  3. Licence holders agree that the ‘FATnosis’ logo and publicity must never be used to promote their own version of FATnosis.
  4. Licence holders agree to fully explain to all potential clients the style and tone of the FATnosis model, including who it works for and who it does not. The FATnosis Practitioner shall at all time follow the FATnosis model and not deviate from it.
  5. Licence holders agree to work in alignment with contra indications associated with the ‘FATnosis Model’ acknowledging that this model is not to be used with prospective or current clients presenting with a psychiatric illness, epilepsy, a history of complex eating disorders, psychosis, history of psychiatric illness, or where harm may come to a client as a result of the licence holder using the FATnosis model. Licence holders also agree to adhere to the requirements under health and safety legislation at all times.
  6. Licence holders agree to write to a client’s GP (with the expressed permission of the prospective client) if the client is currently taking anti-depressants or has recently suffered with depression to ensure the clients GP has no concerns with their patient working with a licenced holder using the FATnosis model.
  7. Licence holders agree not to sub-licence the use of the FATnosis model. Licence holders agree not to sell any associated weight loss product to FATnosis clients whilst the Licenced Practitioner is working with them using the FATnosis model of weight management unless agreed by Steve Miller.
  8. Licence holders agree to use the FATnosis model within the ethical guidelines of the FATnosis Licenced Training Programme.
  9. Licence holders agree not to sell this model as a self-help model, and produce any products including but not limited to MP3, CD’s, books, and associated online or offline products using this model for sale and for non-sale commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  10. Licenced practitioners agree to remain professional and respectful when associating and interacting with other licence holders and clients.
  11. Licenced practitioners agree to use the FATnosis logo on all literature relating to the model itself. Licence holders agree to pay the annual licence fee which is currently £75.00 per annum to remain a FATnosis Licence holder. Licence holders agree to attend CPD programmes as directed. The Licence holder agrees that fees for Licence renewal may change from time to time and will be communicated to the licence holder with reasonable notice.
  12. Licence holders agree to credit the FATnosis Weight Loss model in any appropriate testimonial and publicity including both online and offline.
  13. Licence holders agree to being one hundred per cent solely responsible for the management, settlement, and outcome of any client or third party litigation.
  14. Licence holders agree to conduct themselves ethically and professionally at all times and work in alignment with the content of the FATnosis licenced taught programme.
  15. Licence holders agree that should any behaviour or conduct lead to a professional or ethical breach that this will result in the licence being withdrawn whilst investigated. The ultimate decision lies with Steven John Miller, the founder of FATnosis.
  16. Licence holders agree that any breach of the terms of the FATnosis licence, found following investigation, will result in the licence being withdrawn and the licence holder will take down all on and offline FATnosis communication.
  17. Licence holders agree that from time to time they will be required to attend additional training to update their skills.
  18. Licence holders agree and recognise that the terms and conditions of the FATnosis licence may change from time to time to advance the FATnosis brand. In such circumstances any amendment to terms and conditions will be reasonable and communicated for discussion with the FATnosis Practitioner before being implemented.
  19. Practitioners agree and accept that their practice may be inspected at any time. Reasonable notice deemed by the FATnosis owner will be given of such visits and agreed with the Practitioner. Should the Practitioner’s premises be deemed unfit for the FATnosis brand then the Licence will be withdrawn temporarily whilst requested changes are actioned.
  20. The Practitioner agrees that client sessions conducted by the Practitioner may be assessed for quality purposes from time to time.
  21. If a Practitioner loses their licenced status the Practitioner agrees to remove all FATnosis communications from their practice and any other associated business to which the Practitioner is associated. This includes, but is not limited to, the Practitioners website, and their marketing communications.
  22. Licence holders are solely responsible for the use and execution of the FATnosis weight loss model licence.
  23. The owner is not liable in connection for the provision of the services of the FATnosis Practitioner or the Licence holders breach in relation to his or her obligations to adhere to FATnosis Licence requirements.
  24. Licenced Practitioners agree not to use any third party discount organisations including but not limited to Groupon.
  25. Licence holders agree not to distribute any FATnosis material, documents, and correspondence to parties outside the Licenced Practitioners network.
  26. Licence holders agree to respect the rights of founder and pioneer Steve Miller as the sole owner of the FATnosis model copyright and materials.
  27. Licence holders agree to credit appropriate testimonials with that of the ‘FATnosis model.
  28. Licence holders agree to comply with all relevant legislation including but not limited to legislation aligned to Health and Safety and Data protection.
  29. Licence Practitioners agree to use the copy provided under separate cover to promote and sell the FATnosis programme.
  30. Licence holders agree to use the FATnosis model on a 1-1 basis only.
  31. FATnosis Licence holders are solely responsible for their own client attraction and business results.
  32. This programme is strictly for those Hypnotherapists running a Hypnotherapy business. Trainees of FATnosis agree that successful completion of the FATnosis assessment must be completed and signed off by Steve Miller before formally launching as a FATnosis Practitioner.
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